… and the table revives from Venice’s “Briccola”

The term “Briccola” identifies oak poles that are planted on the seabed, used to guide the Venetians by indicating navigable routes and allow the moorings in the lagoon. For over five hundred years they have been the symbol of the lagoon landscape.
The “Briccole” have an adventurous life as they are born and grow in the forests of European oaks and then spend a decade in the Venice lagoon.
Periodically, the Water Authority orders the replacement of these due to corrosion undergoing tides. They are the natural habitat of marine molluscs called “shipworm” that settle in them, feed on wood and create the original geometry of orifices and holes that become the peculiarity of this product once worked.

Venice's Briccola
The goal is to continue the life of this wood in the form of tables. Surfaces infused with history, magical atmospheres, sunrises and sunsets of which the wood is “impregnated” over the years into one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice.
The “Briccola” timber is cleaned and nails removed, dried and cut as much as possible while preserving the uniqueness of each piece in line with a philosophy focused on research of recycled materials to protect the environment.



rectangular table cm. 220×110
in Briccola wood

Roxy rectangular table with Briccola wood