100% real pleasure!

Bio ethanol fireplaces don’t need any preliminary work:

  • no chimney
  • no air intake in your wall
  • no ash
  • no smoke
  • no soot
  • no annoying firewood storage

Bioethanol is kept in comfortable tank. The only combustion outcome is carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor, nothing more than a big candle!

All the pleasing produced heat is available and is not dispersed outdoor.
Maximum convenience and ease of use for a modern object with contemporary design.

The pleasure of flame where you want, when you want!

Italy Dream Design bio ethanol fireplaces are 100% made in Italy. The stainless steel burner is patented and tested in laboratory for maximum security.

Today and until the end of February, you can take advantage of an
exceptional special offer on all our bio ethanol fireplaces.

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