Cristalplant is a unique and technologically advanced composite material, constituted by a height percentage of natural mineral (ATH derived by bauxite), and a small percentage of extremely pure polyester and acrylic polymers, thus it is an inert and non-toxic material.

Is considered a 100 % made in Italy solid surface since Nicos international SPA invented and produced it at its R&D center of Italian technology located at Portobuffole in the province of Treviso.

Cristalplant is 100 % recyclable considered fireproff (class 1) with a hight UV resistance.It is compact and non porous, hygienic, resistant and pleasant to the touch thanks to its velvety

finishing similar to natural stone.

Cristalplant is 100 % restorable, which means that it can be brought back to its original state with a simple detergent and an abrasive sponge, removing also cigarette burns. The durability characteristics and its restorative qualities make it eco-compatible.