Karim Rashid artworks

Karim Rashid is definitely known for its huge production as designer.
Over 3,000 drawings have his signature, in branches ranging from furniture to lighting, technology and packaging.

Karim Rashid artworks even better represent its sensitivity, characterized by amorphous traits, sharp lines, glossy lacquered finishes and bright pastels.
Pink colour dominates in Karim Rashid’s works: “Pink is my super-optimistic white. It is energetic, fulgent, engaging, and an antidote to the masculine world that dominates our built landscape.“.

His artworks are often a mix of painting, sculpture, printmaking and digital technologies.
As usual with Karim Rashid, its works of art convey optimism and humor.

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Karim Rashid artworks are also available on Artsy portal: just click here.



Karim Rashid on Artsy
Karim Rashid on Artsy
Karim Rashid on Artsy
Karim Rashid on Artsy
Karim Rashid on Artsy